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Hi, this is The Estrada Family!The Estrada Family

We use to live in a very unpleasant, noisy and expensive apartment. One day we thought why are we paying almost $1000 dollars a month in rent when we can pay much less by getting our very own home? After realizing that fear was stopping us, we decided to go ahead and do it… long story short, we’ve now been living for almost 4 years in a marvelous new home that we really enjoy! We pay way less than before and have so much space, freedom and peace to do anything we want!

We thought: “WOW, Everyone should do this!” After thinking about it, we realized even people who already own their house might desire a more upgraded, spacious and less expensive home. So we did some math and found out we can actually help others move to a better place with the same or even fewer expenses! That is one reason why we decided to go in Real Estate and help people get their own place! We can help you move into a better, bigger, newer and more affordable home!

And also, we still love to purchase more houses ourselves! We love to remodel, renovate and replenish homes. Do you have any that you might want to sell us? We are a total hassle free buying couple!